November 4, 2010 Kramer Events

Master Entertainer Rich Ferguson (The Ice Breaker)

Entertainers might notice more about a holiday party than guests because we want the event to be as successful as possible. Guests either like or dislike a party and move on. Entertainers are the glue to guests having a great time and know how important entertainment is for the quality of a holiday party. However, it does not stop there. Rich Ferguson, aka “The Ice Breaker” is known for his mind-blowing magic and interactive entertainment but he is also known for his ability to strategies, observe and create. Recently, we spoke with The Ice Breaker himself about holiday parties and he had some great insights for us all.One thing Rich noticed at holiday or company parties is the idea of breaking the ice for people attending the holiday party. You have to give guests something unique to do or experience. However, where he has seen it go bad is when a game, announcements, raffles, gift exchanges or other common activities go on for hours without any real interest on the part of the guests. ┬áPeople like to move, dance, laugh, be amazed and talk.“The best holiday parties I’ve gone to have a strolling magician like myself, ice carver, scavenger hunt, great djs, chocolate fountain, photo booth, food, drinks, cocktail tables for people to mingle, couches to relax and a variety of things to do. The mistake is to force people to sit in a small room and listen to hours of filler and stretched out gift exchanges or raffles from tickets drawings. It’s a mood killer. That only works in small groups when everyone wants to participate, as in a family event. As someone how get’s paid well to observe, I will share that if you have an event that has a couple hours of free social time with good snacks, food, drinks, entertainment and stick to short speeches and awards, that there will be more laughter and energy all night long. As a strolling entertainer who thrives on excited people, I hear what people say at events and take it from me, you do not want bored guests. Get the music started right away, but give people a chance to mingle. Consider having something unique for guests to experience like my mingling magic. Make it about them and not a trick to get them all together for annual analysis of work numbers. The benefit of working with an entertainment company like Kramer Entertainment is the experience. Besides entertainers, dj’s, lighting and more, just knowing that the main heartbeat of the event is handled is key. Just add food, drinks and people and you are all set! Of course, a holiday party is a time to relax, get praised, reflect on the past years hard work and to look toward an exciting future… but it’s still a party! So make it one!”By the way, if you want to see more about Magician Rich Ferguson, visit his site or check out one of his fun videos. Rich was voted Best Entertainer, has won the gold medal for magic from the Academy of Magical Arts/The Magic Castle, 40 under 40 Business Award and more. We’re pleased to work with a real professional entertainer on the Central Coast.