July 2, 2013 Kramer Events

Host MC / DJ: Chase Welcher

Chase Welcher

Meet Chase Welcher, one of our amazing DJs.  He’s one of our strongest beat mixers, he won the Kramer Event’s mix off award for 2013, beating out all of our other Host MCs.  He’s an all round strong Host MC, who raises the bar of professionalism for our industry.  From weddings to high energy school dances, he will rock you party.  He’s as local as it gets.  Born and raised in Templeton.

Name: Chase Jeffery Welcher

Position: Host MC/DJ

Email: Chase@KramerEvents.com

Phone: 805.544.9900 x209

Hometown: Templeton, Ca

Favorite Musical Artist: Above & Beyond

Hobbies: DJing, walking my pug, and hiking many of the beautiful trails nearby. Riding my motorcycle has been something I’ve always loved to do as well. I like to be outdoors as much as I can, I also try to attend as many concerts as I can.

How long have you been with Kramer Events? March 2012.

Why did you become a DJ? I’ve always loved music, and the aspects of performing live. I’ve collected records since I was young, which is essentially where it all started.

What’s your favorite part about working for Kramer Events? I love being part of such a large and diverse team, it has allowed me to discover a lot of new music I would not have considered before, and has expanded my horizons in many ways. Even if I have an event that is wanting music played that i am not familiar with, there is bound to be somebody who knows that type of music and can suggest some great artists to play.

What’s your favorite song to hear/play at a wedding and why? My favorite song to play at each event varies depending on the crowd and the environment. I always love playing that one song that gets everyone excited and dancing. Sometimes that song is 40 years old, or 4 days old. Whatever will make people happy and get them to dance.

What should every bride know before meeting with their wedding DJ? A bride should know what kind of music her crowd and guests will like. Sometimes what the bride and the general crowd likes can be very different, and it is important to consider the balance between what you want and what your guests want. If your wedding guests are mostly old friends and coworkers, go for party music. But if it is mostly parents and family, some oldies would be a good idea.

What general advice would you give a bride preparing for her wedding? Don’t stress about people dancing. The most important aspect of a good dance floor is seeing the bride herself out there! People will want to come join you on the dance floor if you are leading the way.

What do you think makes the Central Coast an amazing wedding destination? The diversity of our venues here! I have done weddings at all kinds of places, including the beach, a 200 year old barn, in wine cellars underground, and even horse stables! The amount of unique venues we have in our area allows everyone to have their dream wedding.

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