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Central Coast Winery Tour | Niner Wine Estates

Central Coast Winery Tour | Niner Wine Estates 

If you’re looking for a new Central Coast Venue to check out in Northern San Luis Obispo County, Niner Wine Estates is a must see. The Kramer office team had the pleasure of touring their winemaking facility in Paso Robles a few weeks ago and quickly realized what a find it is. This expansive property is absolutely gorgeous, famous for its iconic view of “Heart Hill”, and the perfect spot for a variety of private events. Not only that, but they are one of the only winemaking facilities in the area that integrates environmentally sustainable practices into their business model. 

Niner is both LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) and SIP (Sustainability in Practice) certified. What does this mean exactly? Andrew, their Events Coordinator, told us all about it. The facility utilizes waste water reclamation, rainwater collection, and purposeful irrigation practices to ensure that little to no waste occurs. Their buildings are designed in such a way that they make use of natural light instead of relying heavily on artificial lighting inside their facilities and everything is solar powered. Not only are these practices great for the environment, but they also produce incredible wines! 

The winemakers at Niner have many years of experience with the nuanced process of wine-making and they know how to work within natures parameters to yield the very best results. Despite the fact that Niner Wine Estates expands throughout the county on a total of 223 acres, the process of bringing fruit in from the vines is very intimate. Every cluster of grapes is hand-picked and sorted before entering the next phase. Every bottle of wine comes from grapes grown exclusively in-house. 

In addition to their amazing wines, the Niner Estates Restaurant is responsible for some truly exquisite food on the Central Coast. They utilize an onsite veggie garden and olive orchard for many of their dishes and have a flock of 20 chickens that munch up all the compostables from the kitchen in their efforts to remain locally sourced and sustainable. 

“Eveyone talks about farm to table cuisine; our goal is to live it. Our motto when it comes to ingredients is “grow what we can, and know who farms the rest.” – Niner Estates 

If all of that was not enough to peak your interest, the images captured by Kramer Events Photographer, Nawal, throughout our tour just might seal the deal. To learn more about Niner Wine Estates and the private events they offer, look here


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