We also rented the photobooth from them and we’re so happy we did. They provide you a guestbook with all the amazing photos from the night. My husband and I smiled and laughed as we went through them on our Honeymoon flight.

Jade Graziano


Fun at the Wedding

You and your guests will enjoy up to 6 hours of fun in our Central Coast Photo Booth!  These are the memories you’ll want to keep forever!

Fun After the Wedding

Photo Booth strips tend to stick around after the events. Whether in someone’s mind or on someone’s refrigerator, your wedding will live on and all of the fun memories made during your special day will be remembered forever! Dart off to your honeymoon and pop the USB stick you’ll get from us into your laptop to see all the fun your guests had.

The “New” Guest Book

Ask your married friends or family the last time they looked at their sign-in guest book. Probably not often. Now imagine your guestbook filled with photos of your friends and family instead! What could be better than seeing their faces at your wedding, and reading the loving note they left on each page. Which would you rather look at 5 years from now?


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