Leading your Wedding with Class as the MC

Our Kramer mic style is different than you are used to seeing. Confident, classy, fun, yet MINIMAL on the mic. We act as the helpful leader to you and your guests, not the “rock star” taking over the mic. Your Host / MC will help in anyway possible to ensure your reception is running smoothly. This includes prepping your toasters, working with your vendors, managing logistics, preventing problems and of course, keeping the dance floor packed!

Dance the Night Away

Because our Central Coast Wedding DJs are able to blend all genres of music together, you’ll watch guests, both young and old, dance together in harmony. Typically we recommend starting with music for your older guests first, if needed, our DJs can go into “club” mode later in the evening beat mixing top 40 and dance sets.

2 Person Team

A second person allows us to be in 2 places at once and provide the white glove service we are known for. You’ll watch them work together as a team the entire reception. And when it’s time for dancing, one will be mixing the music, while the other will be matching the music to the lights or coordinating the next event.

Easy Online Planning

Listen to and select music online at your convenience. See typical options and ways to structure the reception using our helpful planning forms. Use our helpful wedding resources. Then meet with your MC in person to bring it all together over a glass of wine or cup of coffee at our office.

Packages & Pricing

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