January 11, 2012 Kramer Events

Central Coast Wedding Industry Leaders Workshop

alan_berg_central_coast_wedding_marketing_workshopKramer Entertainment is proud to bring back international speaker and wedding consultant, Alan Berg for another 1 day Wedding Industry Leaders Workshop.  Our first workshop with him was such a hit, we were overwhelmed with the response that we needed to bring him back.  Whereas our first workshop focused on website and marketing materials, this one will focus more on sales, emails, and social media.


Thursday March 15, 2012

Robert Hall Winery, Paso Robles

9:30am – 4:00pm

You don’t want to miss out.  Only $149, but get your discounted passes for only $99 through Jan 31.  Get your tickets now, we are expecting to sell out again.

Together, let’s raise the public’s expectations of wedding professionals!


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9:30     Registration, check in, and coffee with Alan

10:00   Session 1 (see below)

12:00   Group lunch (provided)

12:30   Session 2 (see below)

2:00     Session 3 (see below)

3:00     Q/A

4:00     Concludes

4:30    Alan is available for one on one coaching for an additional fee.


Session 1 – Close More Sales, Today!
In this session we’ll address one of the most requested topics we hear from wedding pros across  the country, closing the sale. If you don’t close the sale there’s no food to cook, dresses to sew, images to capture, flowers to arrange, music to play, weddings to coordinate… you get the idea.
You can do everything else well (marketing, social networking, advertising, websites, conversion, SEO and ROI), but you still have to take that final step and close the sale. Love it or hate it sales is an integral part of your wedding business.
In this session we’ll give you the tools you need to close more sales:
•       When to ask for the sale
•       How to ask for the sale
•       How to see the buying signals more clearly
•       Plus: we’ll reveal the number one skill you need to close more sales


Session 2 – How to communicate more effectively with Brides via email
It would be so much easier if she would just pick up the phone and call you, wouldn’t it? But these days that’s not happening very much. Do you know why? Does it really matter why? You’ve always had to adapt to how your prospect’s preferences, not the other way around. In this session Alan will walk you through the ins and outs of communicating with today’s brides.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
•       Why she won’t call you
•       How to have a real conversation via email
•       How much you should write in an email
•       When and how to use attachments


Session 3 – Can your business survive without social media?
Are you hearing that if you don’t dive into the deep end of the social media pool your business will wither and die? Did you leave your latest trade meeting or conference like a deer in headlights not knowing where to begin?

It seems that you can’t read your email or go to a conference without being bombarded with information about social media. But where do you start? Should you even bother? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Whether you’re a 20-something or 50-something, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the conflicting messages. As always, Alan is here to help!

What we’ll cover:
•       Do you need to have a social media strategy?
•       Can you attain your business goals without being on Facebook?
•       Is social media an all-or-nothing endeavor?
•       How you can have a presence on social media without it consuming too much of your time and resources?

“Let’s raise the public’s expectation of wedding professionals”

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