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Catch the Bouquet!

Catch the Bouquet
Photo Courtesy of Kelsey Stewart of Ken Kienow Wedding Photography

The Bouquet & Garter Toss are traditional wedding events where the Bride and Groom throw the bouquet of flowers, or the garter after a sexy removal, into a crowd of single or unmarried ladies or gents. The one who catches either of the very important prizes is destined to be the next to marry.

This is usually a crowd pleaser and always a fun time for the wedding party, but sometimes trouble lies in how many single/unmarried guests the wedding has. If your guest count is small, or you know there are very few unmarried guests we have an idea for you! One of our amazing Kramer Events Team Members has recently come back from a wedding with a great idea they got from a bride and groom!

Open up the Bouquet and Garter Toss to EVERYONE and add an incentive!


Who says everyone can’t get involved? Don’t just leave it to the single guys and gals out there to keep the party going, open it up to all relationship statuses. And even more, add a further incentive to pump up the crowd!

The Bride and Groom at the wedding we went to asked all the ladies and gentlemen out on the dance floor at their respective times and offered up a Best Buy & Victoria Secret gift card to whoever caught the prize! The extra boost really helped fill the dance floor and bring all of the guests together. It was a really fun idea for a small wedding and everyone there had an amazing time!

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