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Cars With Distinction

Cars With Distinction

640 Marsh Street
San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401
(Map It)

Quick Facts:

Classic Car Rentals

Over 50 Cars Available

3 Hour Minimum Rental

No Terrain Restrictions

Chauffeur Service Available

Specialize in European Cars

Looking for a show-stopping car for your wedding? Look no further than Cars with Distinction. This off-shoot of British Sports Cars in San Luis Obispo offers an impressive collection of over 50 classic British, German, and American cars. Their collection covers a broad spectrum of cars, from Rolls Royce to Volkswagen Bugs to Lotus. Having operated British Sports Cars for over 30 years, they also have the connections to get any car you might be looking for, even a DeLorean! They also offer chauffeur services if you’re just looking for a special way to get to and from your event. So if you want to ride up to the aisle in style, add an extra touch of cool to your pictures, or have a movie-worthy drive off into the sunset at the end of your wedding, Cars with Distinction would love to hear form you!

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