October 21, 2014 Kramer Events

Bubbly Fest 2014


Kramer Events is doing something really cool this weekend at the awesome Bubbly Fest By The Sea event in Pismo Beach! We have set up our Photo Booth Services to include a new Instagram feature, where any photo you Instagram at Bubbly Fest can be printed on the spot by use of one simple hashtag.


How It Works:

  1. Say cheese! Snap a super cute photo with friends, pick out that perfect filter and get ready to post!

  2. Turn On your PhotoMap Location Services! You have to be in a five mile radius in order for the picture to print on site.

  3. Use the HashTag! Place #Bubblyfest into your CAPTION before posting. Picture will not print if HashTag is added in a comment after posting!

  4. Head on over to the Kramer Events Photo Booth a pick up your printed out Instagram Picture!


Don’t Use Instagram? Don’t Fret! The Kramer Photo Booth will be set up on site with tons of props for you and your friends to use!


We look forward to seeing you all at #Bubblyfest this weekend! Have fun, drink responsibly, and Instagram the night away!

Photo by BubblyFest

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