May 24, 2012 Kramer Events

Boutonnieres 101

The lovely Corinne Smith of Panacea Event Floral Design came by the Kramer Events warehouse last night to give the Kramer Team a quick lesson in how to properly pin a boutonniere.


How do you pin a boutonniere, you ask? Well, first you need a flower and a pin.


Step One:

Place the leaf of the boutonniere behind the flower and place it high up on the lapel of the suit.

(If your lapel has a button hole near the top, make sure to cover it with the flower for a flawless boutonniere look)


Step Two:

Once the boutonniere is in the appropriate place, come from the back of the lapel, and stick the pin through the lapel, into the boutonniere stem and back through the lapel again.


Step Three:

Once you’ve finished, make sure you can’t see the pin, as a visible pin can cause an unwanted glare in photos.


What if a groomsman accidentally breaks the bud off a boutonniere? No problem! You can quickly fix it by pushing a pin through the center of the bud and into the stem!


Be careful not to prick your fingers and happy pinning!

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