Wine Time with New Jersey’s Finest

In addition to meeting Vanilla Ice this year at the DJ convention we got a chance to meet nationally recognized Professional DJ trainer Mike Walter from Elite Entertainment in New Jersey.  He helped us form the basis for our DJ/MC training program and has his own video available.

We got a chance to hang out with Mike and his girlfriend Kelly as we showed them what California and Paso Robles has to offer… Vino!  Cool people, cool accent, cool friends!

A Paso wine tour wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Justin Winery and Tobin James, with a little Zenaida in between.

Cheers to New Jersey’s Finest

Matt and Sarah Wedding Lighting, Robert Hall Winery Paso Robles

Matt and Sarah chose Robert Hall Winery for their beautiful Paso Robles Wedding.  On a warm day, their ceremony was in the cool cellars below with the reception in the grand amphitheater.

Kramer Entertainment provided not only the MC and DJ services, but also the Decor lighting.

Together with our lighting designer they chose our solid color amphitheater lighting package with theater seating lighting.  Because we use all linked LED lighting, we were able to change and fade between colors for important moments and event transitions.  Call today to schedule an appointment to meet with our full time lighting designer and see all your Robert Hall lighting options.  (805) 544-9900.

Here are a few more gorgeous photos of decor lighting at Robert Hall Winery

Here’s a video of some of the decor lighting options available for the caverns: Decor Lighting Robert Hall Caves

For information on your lighting options for your Robert Hall event, visit our website

Call to schedule an appointment to see more options for your lighting design at Robert Hall

(805) 544-9900



The Event’s Ordinance makes the news

Melissa and Beau help draw attention at Farmer's

Melissa and Beau help draw attention at Farmer's Market

We were recently interviewed for an article about the proposed County Events Ordinance by the New Times.See the full article by clicking here.Thanks to Melissa Fitzpatrick for the pic of Melissa in her wedding dress from last Thursday’s Farmer’s market.  And thanks to Down the Aisle for the dress.

Brian and Karen’s wedding at Eagle Castle Winery, Paso Robles CA

Brian and Karen celebrated their wedding at Eagle Castle Winery when most of the county was setting off Fireworks on July 4th.  You got to love Brian’s job.  He’s an Imagineer for Disney.  Meaning he creates all the fun rides at the Disney theme parks.  He’s wanted to do it ever since he was a kid.  You could say he knows a thing or 2 about lighting.  That’s why it was fun for us to bring our new LED up lighting system and gobo projector to his reception. We kept the color of the room a warm amber or “candlelight” color during dinner.  Then when Brian and Karen took their first steps toward the dance floor for their first dance, the entire room changed color and took the guests by surprise.We installed pin spot lighting on the cake and then back lit the wall behind it with our lighting.  Normally cakes get lost when the lights are dimmed down, but not when it’s pin spotted.  The LED pin spot generates no heat, so their is no fear of a hot light melting the cake.

before, with house lights on

before, with house lights on

After, with our pinspot and colored backlight.

After, with our pinspot and colored backlight.

Notice there are really 2 cakes in this picture.  The main one that we lit, and the smaller one to the right on top of the barrel with no lighting.  Without the correct lighting the cake may look invisible.  Whereas the one with lighting can be seen from any point in the room.

One cake with lighting, one without.

One cake with lighting, one without.

Happy 4th!

See Melissa in her wedding dress again Tonight at Farmer’s Market SLO

Melissa puts her dress back on to help save Ag Land Weddings

Melissa puts her dress back on to help save Ag Land Weddings

Melissa is putting her wedding dress back on for one night only to support the fight against the SLO County Proposed Events Ordinance.  Thank you Down the Isle for the dress.  Visit us at the CCWP booth located on Higuera St next to bubble gum alley in SLO from 6pm-9pm.  Just look for the girl in the white dress!  Event professionals from the entire county will be there alongside concerned citizens.  Help us spread the word about the damage this will cause the wedding industry, the tourism community, landowners, and brides wanting that dream rustic wedding.  Don’t forget to wear a red shirt, bring $10 to buy one of our “Seeing Red” shirts, or join Melissa by wearing your wedding dress again!  It’s a serious issue, but it’s never been more fun to spread the word.  Join us tonight at 6pm and bring a smile.

UPDATE ** We spoke with KSBY and they may be covering the story **

Beau Kramer

President, Central Coast Wedding Professionals

CCWP spreads the message at SLO Farmer’s market

Volunteers from CCWP help spread the message about the devastation that the proposed “Event’s Ordinance” would cause the San Luis Obispo County every Thursday at Farmer’s Market in downton SLO.  Our numbers are increasing every week as more and more people learn the truth.  Most of the locals we spoke with were shocked and stunned to hear that this ordinance was even being considered.This ordinance effectively bans most weddings from Ag Zoned lands, destroys local jobs, and decreases tourism to our County.   If this passes, local businesses will be seeing red because of lost income from wedding business and lost jobs.  The County will be seeing red from lost tourism and taxes. And the engaged women who dreamed of getting married at these many beautiful outdoor venues will be red with anger when all of their wedding locations disappear with the stroke of a pen by the county planning commission.We invite everyone to come out and join us next Thursday from 6pm-9pm in front of Bubble Gum Alley on Higuera St in down Town SLO to show their support and help spread the message.  Bring a friend and wear red.  If our voice gets loud enough, we can stop this ordinance together.  Join us and help make a difference!“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Visit for more details

Beau KramerPresident, Central Coast Wedding Professionals

Events Ordinance threatens to shut down weddings

The San Luis Obispo County supervisors is considering passing a proposal that would limit Wedding Receptions to 50 guests or less when held at an “Ag-Zoned” property.  With the average Central Coast Wedding having a guest count of 125, passing of this proposal would realistically eliminate about 95% of the weddings on these properties.

Some of the most beautiful rustic properties and barns would no longer be available for our brides to have their dream weddings at.  Our brides lose, the property owners lose, the wedding industry loses, the county loses millions in tourism dollars from out of town guests, and our local government loses sale tax dollars.  Help us stop this devastating ordinance put together by a few wealthy landowners who had a few isolated problems with one venue.

-Join us at the CCWP booth every Thursday evening at the San Luis Farmer’s market, sign our petition, and help spread the word.

-Join us and the hundreds of outraged people who will be storming the July 30th Planning Commission meeting at 9am.  CCWP will be distributing their red shirts at the door for us all to wear.

Visit the Coalition of Affected business owners here for more information.

Central Coast Kids Talent Show, Big Brother Big Sisters

We are helping to put on the Central Coast Kids Talent Show benefiting the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program.  There are 2 age groups; kids 4-12 and teens 13-17.  Auditions are starting July 30th at SLO Farmer’s market.  Finals are August 21st at Holland Ranch.  A big thank you to our Kramer Entertainment team members, Shane Wright and Melissa Kramer who are donating their time for this worthy cause.

Click here for more details.

Wedding at Meridan Winery, Paso Robles, CA

We just got pictures back from the Mike Larson Photography Team from a wedding we did together at Meridian Winery in Paso Robles.  We got a chance to try out our new high powered LED up lighting.  What makes it so different is that they can change to any color instantly or through a slow fade.  We worked with wedding coordinator Laura Robertson from TOS events to install landscape lighting outside to help illuminate the walkway and define the outdoor space.

When it came time for the first dance, as Pat and Carrie stepped onto the dance floor, the entire room slowly changed color to red, with fucia accents on the 2 pillars.  When the first note hit our sparkle lights came on lightly  swept their dance floor.  It was a great romantic evening.

More Lighting Pictures from The Cliffs Resort, Shell Beach

Thanks to David Pascolla, we received some more pics from Andrea and Wes’s Wedding reception at he Cliff’s ballroom in Shell Beach. Our bride, Andrea wanted to change the look and feel of the room using our LED uplighting and LED pinspot lighting.  It had a dramatic visual impact that set her wedding apart.

Change the color of the entire room for you special dance

Change the color of the entire room for you special dance

Make your cake pop with our LED pinspot lighting

Make your cake pop with our LED pinspot lighting