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Wow. I knew the wedding saavy crew at Here Comes The was good, but after an in-depth look at their website, we’ll have to upgrade them to GREAT!

When it comes to an in-depth resource for all things wedding, they know where to point you. Although expanding to new areas like Chicago and DC, their real bread and butter (or wine and cheese?) is California. And not just the Central Coast. They’ve got the squeeze on trusted professionals in the Northern and Southern ends of the left-coast state.If you’re looking for help such as finding a quality place to tie the knot, a gown to dress the part, a ring to seal the deal or a bridal fair for all of the above, the clear, concise organization of Here Comes The will likely point you in the right direction. Even advice on how to pull off weddings on a budget or going green when wearing white is something these gals are happy to help with. Don’t forget to check out our Special Offer!Check ’em out. Chances are, you’ll learn something cool!

Meridian Vineyards – Barrels of Awesome – Central Coast Wedding Venue

Central Coast Winery Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue Decor Lighting

Those privy to the Central Coast wine trails are no doubt aware of Meridian Vineyards. The gorgeous arbor that marks the entry along the beautiful Highway 46 just outside of Paso Robles is hard to miss. A journey through the gates will lead you to a massive, but incredibly picturesque view of the East Side wine region, but the faces inside will always great you with a warm, small-town smile and some wonderful wines to compliment the scenery.What they may not know about, are the merits to choosing Meridian Vineyards as a wedding ceremony and reception venue. With multiple breathtaking viewscapes capable of supplying any sized guest list with a memorable ceremony, beautiful gardens perfect for cocktail hour, infinite photo opportunities and an enormous, yet cozy barrel room, Meridian has something for all the senses.With the wonderful teamwork of some of our favorite wedding professionals, we were able to give one of our couples an unforgettable experience with regards to their wedding decor.Anxious to try out some of our latest decor lighting features in the gorgeous barrel room, we teamed up with superstar wedding coordinator Laura Robertson with TOS Events, the Bloomdiva herself, Corinne Smith with panacea event floral design and the all-star team of caterers with Epic Weddings. Laurie, the Special Events Supervisor at Meridian was a dream to work with, providing us with everything necessary to ensure the event would go off without a hitch.Following the carefully thought out design plans of Laura and Corrine, we up-lit the surrounding barrels in brilliant light, draped the entire area with beautiful garden string lights, added pin-spots to showcase the beauty of panacea’s centerpieces and washed the dancefloor in a unique pattern of textured leaves.Of course we really couldn’t share the magnificent decor without the help of the incredible photographic team of Jill and Allyson with Allyson Magda Photography. Jill jumped in the barrel room ready to shoot and captured every element that set Tara and Ty’s wedding apart. So excited to work with these two awesome gals at future weddings.Central Coast Winery Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue Decor LightingCentral Coast Winery Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue Decor LightingCentral Coast Winery Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue Decor LightingCentral Coast Winery Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue Decor LightingCentral Coast Winery Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue Decor LightingCentral Coast Winery Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue Decor Lighting

Wedding Reception Seating Tips

Wedding Reception Seating Ideas
Photo By The Collective Photographers Jake & Necia


After being in the industry for so many years, we have seen a lot of different seating arrangements. Some arrangements work, others don’t, but either way the night always moves forward filled with love and happiness, and that is important to remember.

With that being said, we also understand how difficult and stressful it can be to place your loved ones in a way where everyone is happy and can mesh well with their neighbors during dinner, which is why we’ve created a short list of tips for seating your friends and family:


  • Place the head table first! It’s important to know where the guests of honor will be sitting when taking into account where to place everyone else. The head table is typically a long banquet table, with the bride and groom in the middle, and the bridesmaids seated on one side, the groomsmen on the other. But don’t be afraid to switch it up! Intermix your bridal party or try out a sweetheart table for two!
  • Next figure out how many guests you need to seat, which style of seating you want – long banquet tables, or round tables of 8 – and how many tables you’ll need. Then place your guests in a specific seat not just a table!


Our friends at said it best:“If you’re having 50 guests to a buffet, you may or may not want to give people specific seating assignments. But if you’re having 100 guests or more and serving a seated meal, you’ll want to make sure everyone’s got a specific place to sit. Why? For one, people like to know where they’re sitting — and that you took the time to choose where and who they should sit with.” 


  • Sit families together, or sit similar aged friends together. Try your best to put people that have something in common in the same area. This will ease the conversation and often get the party goin’!
  • DO NOT place your elderly guests next to the speakers! If you know ahead of time where your DJ will be setting up, try not to place the elderly, who may already have trouble hearing, next to a set of huge speakers! From an entertainment standpoint, we would rather have the speakers a little louder to ensure everyone can hear toasts and music, so try placing the younger party crowd by the speakers as they won’t be as affected by the volume.


***We suggest contacting your DJ when designing your seating arrangement. Chances are, (especially if you’re at a beautiful Central Coast Wedding Venue) the DJ will know the sound dynamics of your venue and can tell you where the speakers will likely be setup.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Ask your friends and family about anyone you are unsure about placing. Their input could definitely help your stress levels and who knows, they might have an idea that you hadn’t thought of!
  • Lastly, don’t feel discouraged when people switch seats. With a crowd of 100+, it’s bound to happen somewhere, but it doesn’t mean all of your hard work went for nothing!


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Real Wedding: Tommy & Rosanna

When we first met Tommy and Rosanna at Venteux Vineyards to go over their wedding ideas, we could tell right away that their event would be one-of-a-kind! The love these two share for each other and everyone around them was immediately felt and we were ecstatic to be part of their love.

They chose to make it official at the beautiful Venteux Vineyards in Templeton, California. A wise choice for rural scenery, a caring yet fun loving staff and a beautiful barrel and tasting room. After their ceremony on the lawn, their family and friends gathered for dinner surrounded by our amber uplighting and a soft Starry Night effect. The subtle and warm garden string lights draped across the patio creating a romantic feel for the couple’s first dance as Husband and Wife. During the reception, Tommy and his grooms men surprised the bride and guests with a surprise rendition of the 1982 hit song “Rosanna” by Toto. Complete with instruments and costumes! It was a total hoot!

The creative crew at Venteux had us set up our DJ booth atop a fully restored old, Dodge Flatbed! We even shined some lights under it to set the party mood.  It was a spectacular wedding, full of life and love.

A thousand thank you’s to Viera Photographics for the amazing shots.

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Wedding Planning at your Fingertips

It’s a re-occuring theme. We constantly hear from our couples how cool the online planning forms are when working out the details of their weddings.It’s pretty simple. Once you book your wedding entertainment services with us, we activate your online planning forms. You and you financé will receive a username and a password that you can use to login completely at your leisure.The timeline planner will give you the framework to imagine the flow of your ceremony and reception and chose the events at your desired pace. Of course the most fun part is listing all of your song requests. Everything from your first dance as husband and wife, your must play favorites that you HAVE to hear during open dancing and of course a DO NOT PLAY list. The Chicken Dance isn’t for everybody ;)What you chose to list is completely up to you. Perhaps you need a little direction from the professionals, no problem, we’re here to help. But, the online planning forms will at least give you access to the questions you’d like to starting thinking about. We want your wedding planning process to be as enjoyable and convenient as possible.Login and have fun!

Historic Beauty – Paso Robles Inn Ballroom

Central Coast wedding reception venueThe right team can turn old fashioned elegance into timeless beauty. This point was proven when we got the chance to work with the ever-so-talented Mark Padgett on a photo shoot for the Paso Robles Inn. Originally constructed in 1864, this landmark has seen it’s fair share of affluence and celebrities as well as disaster dealt by the hand of mother-nature via fire and earthquakes. Nonetheless, the Inn has been able to maintain it’s seat on the Central Coast as the historic center of Paso Robles and has the beauty to make a lasting impression.Central Coast Wedding Reception VenueThe ballroom is jam-packed with craftsmanship. Beautiful high ceilings surrounded in fantastic, deep wood moulding. This venue can lend itself to any couple looking to leave an impression on their guests. Especially those with larger guests lists.Mark Padgett and Corinne from panacea event floral design really showed their skills when designing the color palette and arrangements to showcase the ballroom. The soft yellows, brushed silvers and lively centerpieces adorned expansive room making it feel warm and comfortable.We lit the room from wall to wall using our advanced, yet low-profile LED fixtures to give the room an essence of candlelight. The deep wood coloring and the shadows created by the artisan carpentry really set this room apart from other ballrooms. It’s always awesome when we can light an entire room using only our decor lighting. None of the house lights were used during this event.A huge thanks to Jake at Mike Larson Photography for his talents behind the lens. His ability to capture light astounds me. Thanks for making this shoot such a success.It was a special pleasure working with Jan, Special Event’s Coordinator at The Paso Robles Inn. Her professionalism and positivity helped us understand the beauty of working hotel. Not just in architecture, but within the staff that keeps this landmarks guests moving through the Central Coast with smiles.Central Coast Wedding Reception VenueCentral Coast Wedding Reception VenueYou can really see how the focused pin-spot down lighting made the beautiful centerpieces and table settings shine.Central Coast Wedding Reception VenueRead more about this photo shoot here:

Making the most of your Central Coast Experience

I know we’re getting closer to “the big day” for a lot of our couples. Their friends and family from all over the state, country and sometimes world will soon be landing on the Central Coast preparing to share the big day with their loved ones. But they wont be quite as busy as the couple are will likely be looking to get the most out of their vacation.Well, lucky for them, your destination wedding is being held in a beautiful place with an abundance of unique activities. Make sure they take advantage of everything this beautiful area has to offer! Need some help? Check out This awesome website is managed by the great San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce and offers something for everybody.Help make your guests weekend as special as your wedding day!

Good News for the Engaged! =

So you’ve got the ring and made the smart decision to get married somewhere along California’s beautiful Central Coast. So what’s next? I’m sure you’ve heard all the horror stories about how planning a wedding can be a daunting task. Well, the experts at are here to show you that it doesn’t have to be.The clean and organized layout of‘s website really proves that it is your complete wedding resource for the Central Coast. Not only does it put you in touch with the best local wedding vendors, it offers fantastic articles to help you through each and every planning stage and answers questions before you ask them! Such as, How to Get StartedHow To Book Your Wedding Venue, or What Happens At The Wedding Rehearsal? just to name a few. They also offer fantastic bridal shows!It really is impressive how easy it is to get the information you’re looking for from Unlike some other wedding resource directories, they have done a fantastic job making sure you’re not bombarded with ad’s that aren’t relevant to you. Their internal search engine works great and all the links are clearly organized. We at Kramer Entertainment are happy to included in their directory and are positive that anyone getting married can benefit from a visit to

Wedding Reception Decor – Point of Interest Lighting

wedding reception decor lightingThe more we talk with other wedding professionals, the more we seem to learn about the importance of point of interest lighting. What is point of interest lighting? Well, quite simply, it’s focusing specialized lights on your features or decor so the beauty and craftsmanship can be showcased to your friends and family.Every wedding ceremony or reception is unique in its own way. Every venue has seen their site organized a plethora of ways. Each layout will have a personality of it’s own and it should match the feel and style of the bride and grooms desires.Unfortunately, the pre-installed house lighting systems can’t always cooperate.There will often be dim or dark areas, building features that are less than desirable, over-lit areas that are too bright or wash out your colors, or in the case of many outdoor venues, just plain no lights at all! Incorrect lighting can hide or erase the beauty that your hired artisans put into your place settings, floral design, bakers or chefs. You’ve chosen your vendors after carefully critiquing their design skills. Why commission their work if you cant show off their talents?Welcome to the wonderful world of lighting design. Whatever your point of interest is, perhaps your beautiful centerpieces, cake table or desert station, buffet line, guest book, seating chart, dance floor or any other piece of decor, it can be lit with the right color and amount of light allowing it to shine its lovely character. As with any craft, the sky’s the limit. Professional vendors turn no’s into yes’ and cant’s into can’s! Be sure your decor glows like the faces of your guests!wedding reception decor lightingwedding reception decor lightingwedding reception decor lightingwedding reception decor lightingwedding reception decor lightingwedding reception decor lighting

Featured Central Coast Wedding Venue – Avila Lighthouse Suites

Avila Beach Wedding Ceremony Reception VenueAvila Beach Wedding VenueWe are so happy to tell you about our featured central coast wedding venue Avila Lighthouse Suites!  We’ve had the pleasure of working with Krysta, Avila Lighthouse Suite’s event coordinator, several times now and we are ALWAYS impressed with their facilities, organization and beauty of the hotel and surroundings. We’ve decided to ask her a few questions about choosing Avila Lighthouse Suites as a wedding venue. Here’s what she had to say!

KE: Can a couple hold their ceremony on the beach in front of the hotel?

ALS: Yes, we offer ceremonies directly on the sands of Avila Beach or on our ocean view sun deck for up to 120 guests.Avila Beach Wedding Ceremony Reception Venue

Where can a reception be held?

Receptions for up to 120 guests are held in our lovely Point San Luis Banquet room equipped with an outside patio area that is perfect for a cocktail hour. Cocktail hours can also be held on our ocean view sun deck if the ceremony is taking place on the beach.Avila Beach Wedding Ceremony Reception VenueWhat months are best for a beach wedding in Avila Beach?I think that the fall is the best time of year here! It is typically warm with no fog and not as crowded. Avila is a pretty quaint, quiet town in general but it does get very busy here come July and August. Rates for our suites drop after August so that is another plus! We are blessed with nice weather year round though and Avila is located in a protected inlet so we do not get as much wind as other beach areas. I consider Avila the hidden gem of the central coast!

What amenities does your wedding ceremony/reception package include?

For the ceremony we offer your option of having it either directly on the beach or our glass sheltered sun deck. We do the complete set up and take down of our new padded white resin chairs, white arch and any other tables needed at the site. We also have an on site coordinator to help with the coordination of the rehearsal and ceremony. Our reception package includes again, the complete set up and take down of the tables and chairs, white linens that drape to the floor, and an ocean front honeymoon suite!Avila Beach Wedding Ceremony Reception Venue

Are there time restrictions on the banquet room?

We have a noise curfew of 10pm. So, the weddings do have to conclude by then. However, for the ones who would like to continue the party, Mr. Ricks Beach Bar is within a three minute walking distance!

Do also provide catering options?

We do not have a restaurant on property so weddings are able to bring in any licensed caterer of their choice. This is nice, because it offers the couple flexibility, they are able to shop around and compare prices/options. I have a list of local caterers that I send to every couple.

What range are the prices for the suites?

Prices for the suites vary depending on the time of year. They range anywhere from $169-$499 on average. I am able to hold a block of suites here for the out of town wedding guests and depending on the month I am typically able to do so at a discounted rate. I think that it is so convenient for guests when they can enjoy the wedding and then when it’s over, just walk right up to their suite.

Any advice you can give to a couple looking to get married out on the sandy shore?

For brides wearing high heels, be prepared to kick them off before you walk down the aisle, or wear flip flops. Walking in the sand is not easy in stilettos!

Thanks for all the info Krysta! We look forward to working with you and your fantastic team. For more photos of the Port San Luis room, please check out our previous blog posting here. You can also read a little more about Krysta and the Avila Lighthouse Suites from one of our favorite wedding photographers, Jonathan at Bluephoto. Check out his blog posing here.


Avila Beach Wedding Venue


Avila Beach Wedding Reception Venue


Avila Beach Wedding Ceremony Reception Venue