2019 Central Coast Wedding Games

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

Choreographed dance moves, matching Orange knee-highs, and a desire to kick ass – the Kramer team came out in full force for the second annual Central Coast Wedding Games, and the results are hilarious!

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

We trained, we played, we lost…but that’s not what’s important. (The winning team might beg to differ).

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

Whats important is that we all came out and did our best with good humor and funny outfits, we came together and we did something to benefit our community.

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

You see, this event, which was created and made possible by some of the best in our Central Coast Wedding industry, benefits a great cause – The SLO Special Olympics. So no matter how silly we looked or how muddy we got, it was all worth it because a total of $1,500 was raised that day!

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry
Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry
Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

We are so thankful to be a part of an industry of people that truly cares about one another and the community we live in. Looking forward to next year!

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

Be sure to check out the tags below to see all the amazing people who made this special event possible!

Event Gallery courtesy of Heraldo Family Photo!

Venue: Green Gate Ranch | Caterers: Flora & Fauna, Broad Street Ribline, Feed my Seoul, Pacific Harvest | Sweets: Just Baked SLO, Cake Cathedral, Seabreeze Cupcakes, Autumn Cake Design, Harmony Valley Creamery | Cakes for Games: Just Baked SLO | Florals for Games: Sprigs Floral Design, Eden Floral, Brooke Edelman Floral Design | Photographer: Heraldo Family Photo | Videographers: Patrick Ibarra + Zachary Ayers | Linens: Bella Couture Linen | Tent: Got You Cover’d | DJ: Chris Bailey | MC: Dj Bob Stock | Planning Team: Anissa (Bottles + Ice), Tim Lopez (Modern Symphony), Hannah Sidaris-Green, Colleen Stefanek (Eventful Wedding Planning), Patrick Ang (Patrick Ang Photography)

Kramer Events Headquarters Meets Avenue Twelve Rentals

Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve

Keeping your workspace fresh and updated is vital to creativity. That’s why we are so excited about our new Kramer Events headquarters! Avenue Twelve has redesigned our space and the results are inspiring!

A few months back we decided that our work space was due for a decorative revamp, so the office crew got to work cleaning windows, rearranging furniture, planting flowers, and buying easily maintainable house plants (because let’s be real, it isn’t easy to keep green things alive).

Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve

We made some great headway and our space really started to come alive and become the burst of fresh air that we needed, but the finishing touch that brought it all together? Avenue Twelve, a San Luis Obispo based rental studio which specializes in unique furniture and decor for weddings, parties, and events. They have a funky vintage feel and incorporate furniture as well as specialty items that will transform your space into something magical, memorable and personal – and thats just what happened to our design session space at Kramer Events!

Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve

We are so thrilled to continue to offer our Central Coast Wedding clients the best experience possible when they come in for their design sessions in our brand new space!

Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve

A big shout out to Yvonne Goll, talented local photographer of Yvonne Goll Photography and design guru for Avenue Twelve for using her creative mind to put together the perfect setup for us!

Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve
Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve

Photography: Nawal Kassir Photography

Kramer Events Wine & Dine Tour Recap!

Rainbow chasing, wine tasting, delicious foods and wonderful conversation with fellow industry professionals, on a Monday?! It must be the Wine & Dine Tour!

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Kramer Events Core Focus & Values

Kramer Events Core Focus & Values

Core values define a company’s culture.  And that’s definitely the case at Kramer Events.  They set the tone for everything we do and every decision we make.  It helps attract and retain like minded people to our organization.  

Every organization has values, whether they are actually stated or not.  You’ll see some companies even put them on their walls for everyone to see (we do too).  But what really matters is that they become part of everything you do.  When they become part of your hiring, firing, rewarding, and decision-making alike then you are really living your core values.

Our team has recently gone through an exercise to discover what 6 values best define our culture.  These values are who we are and what we stand for.  And everyone in our organization, including myself is accountable to uphold these values.

Kramer Events Core Focus & Values

These values are what our team believes in and represents.  It’s a part of everything we do.  These values, combined with our core focus is the guiding light for our organization.  

Kramer Events Core Focus & Values

Our values have also become the categories for our annual team awards.

See which team members best exemplified our core values for 2018 in this months Team Member Spotlight.

Beau Kramer
Team Leader

Slo Brew Rock + Kramer Events Corporate Party, Are you​​ Ready!?

Slo Brew Rock + Kramer Events Corporate Bash

If you have been trying to find a way to take your corporate parties to the next level, you do not want to miss the Slo Brew Rock + Kramer Events Corporate bash!

Kramer Events is lookin forward to having a rockin’ good time next month at the brand new Central Coast venue, Slo Brew Rock! Slo brew has been crafting parties for over 30 years, and their newest venue space has unlimited potential for small gatherings and large parties alike.

We have been working closely with the Slo Brew team, creating an event that will take corporate parties to a new and exciting level, and we cant wait to share it with you!

DJ Miles of Kramer Events will be bringing the party, while Slo Brew Rock serves mouth-watering appetizers from their diverse menu; and of course, their award winning beers!

Cameron Ingalls, Kramer Events Dj, Central Coast Dj
Photography by Cameron Ingalls

This is going to be a lively event equipped with entertainment, tasty treats, award-winning drinks, and a gorgeous view of the sun setting beyond the Slo Brew Rock. Come get your party on with us, and get inspired when you see how rad a corporate party can be with the right team of professionals simplifying the planning process!

Stay tuned for next months newsletter, where we will announce a second surprise entertainment factor as well as another talented local Central Coast Vendor who will be getting involved!


Team Member Spotlight | Award Winners

Team Member Spotlight | Award Winners

Kramer Team Member Awards 2018

This month’s team member spotlight is recognizing the team members that received this year’s Awards.  All year long our team works hard, helping others celebrate life.  On our staff, we have a collection of very talented and driven people.  Their work at events and in the office is commendable.  We have some incredible high performing team members.

But what we value and recognize the most are the team members that best represent our core values.  They drive the spirit of what we are wanting to do and who we want to be.  They help shape and define our culture.  

Read more about our core values here.

We have even structured our annual team awards around these values. Starting this year we have created 6 awards to honor hugely impactful team members.  Our entire team voted and here are the recipients:

Authentic: Max Poteete

Inclusive: Vanessa Robbins

Never Satisfied: Chandler Gietzen

Humbly Confident: Nick Malizia

Focused on Impact: Conor McQueen

Team Player: Lathan Ford

Congratulations to our winners.  It speaks very highly of their influence that they were selected by their fellow team members.  Thank you for helping lead our culture and inspiring our team!

Beau Kramer
Team Leader

Corinne’s Corner | Pricing Your Product

Corinne's Corner | Pricing Your Product

Welcome back, everyone! As you may recall from last months newsletter, we discussed how your product is more than just a place, it will become the backdrop for your client’s most precious memories. Now let’s discuss the second “P” which is:


Seems easy – you know what your product is worth to you. But what is your product worth to someone else? 

This component is not so much a number as it is a value and a value statement. Value includes the many facets of your product. In order to provide value, you need to know your own value. Speaking of value – do you know and communicate your values? Knowing your core values, what you stand for as a business and being able to effectively communicate that to your market increases your value. 

Do you know the pricing and values of your competitors? How are you perceived by your competitors? Again, knowing the value of your unique product attributes allows you to strategically set a price that is sound within your market. Consider that every piece of information and messaging, either confirms or calls into question your value and price. For example, your website and the information on it, your social media, your communication methods with prospective clients, the buying experience you provide, your follow up or lack thereof – all either validate or invalidate your value and price.

I encourage you to take a look at your business with your “outside” glasses on. The glasses of a prospective bride or groom. What does your pricing structure say? Are you on the high side of comps? Can you effectively justify that based on the value you provide? It can only be justified if you know your value and values. It can only be justified if you are communicating your value, the unique offerings that set you apart from the company next to you, in the same segment of your market. If you deserve that fee – EVERYTHING you do should justify it.  

Stay tuned for next months article, where we delve into the third “P”, Placement!