Tobin James Summer Solstice Celebration BBQ

Exciting new event happening later this month!!

Its that time of year again, Summer Solstice Celebration. Saturday, June 22, 2019, from 7pm-11pm at the beautiful Tobin James Cellars in Paso Robles.

Join in for their first Summer Series event as DJ Kramer rocks the dance floor. Chef Marc’s Gourmet Pizza will be BBQ’ing some tasty eats. 

There will be 5 different BBQ pits each cooking 5 different meal options all to be enjoyed with award-winning Tobin James Wines. You can end the night at the ice cream bar to truly experience all this exciting event has to offer. 

In the past, this event has garnered much attention from all over the county. This is a yearly event that is always a huge hit.

Get your summer started in the best possible way here on the Central Coast, with tickets at $109 per person, this is a summer must! 

For more info & to purchase tickets, call Tobin James Cellars at  805 – 239 – 2204


Corinne’s Corner | Promoting Your Product

Yeah! If you’ve been following along with this little blurb each month, you know we’ve reached the final P – PROMOTION. It’s a big one!

If you’ve done the previous work on defining your product, the price, it’s placement and its’ position within the market – you’re ready to take on promotion. How will you best get your message out? 

We live in a time when there are literally unlimited avenues of promoting. Pay per click ad words, Facebook, Print, digital sites and blogs, promised SEO – many places to spend many dollars. It is a whole industry on to itself and it is the monetized part of marketing. 

Because I have a serious rebel side, I’m going to start with FREE promotion options first and save the monetized ones for next month. There are some really good free promotional resources that are vastly under-utilized. Here are my favorites:

  • 1. GOOGLE Business Pages. Whether you know it or not – if you’re in business, you have a google business page. I recommend you claim it and pump it up in a big way! You can add messaging, images and more here. It is literally, like turning the lights on. Google rewards businesses for using their tools (like it or not), so take advantage of that! It will drive traffic to your site, thereby bringing business to you. Post your best images, the ones that represent what you’re amazing at. Tag them to your website and use key words about your service or business. Just do it!
  • 2. Partake in any site that has free listings. If you’re a venue, Kramer Events, has a great one. (that was a cross-promotional plug…) Make sure your information and images are current and represent you well. There are other listings – don’t discount them. EVERY TIME you are mentioned in the world wide web – it provides another link to your website and business. This is like compounding interest over time.
  • 3. Your website is the best promotional tool available to you. When your potential clients go there – are they engaged, do they want to see more of what you have to offer or does it indicate that you’re out of touch? You have about 6 seconds to convince someone looking at your site, either to stay or go. Make sure you have a phone number on the landing page. Make sure you have an email (not just a form to fill out) so they can easily contact you with questions. If you don’t have your email address on your site and only have a RFP form – YOU ARE LOSING BUISINESS!

Do you have links within your site to other vendors, editorial features, events you’ve been part of? This is another incredible way to drive traffic and raise your own site in the google rankings algorithm organically (without spending $$).

  • 4. Social Media is FREE. The opportunity for business is truly incredible. The key to making it work for you is posting amazing images and information CONSISTENTLY. Definition of consistently: 3-6 times each week for Instagram and 2-4 times for Facebook. Know that Instagram and Facebook serve very different purposes. Facebook is informational and Instagram is Inspirational. I’m going to come back to these concepts in subsequent blurbs. 90% of brides have checked you out on social media BEFORE they get in touch with you. YOU are in control of what they’re seeing.

So, that’s a wrap for this month. Next month we’ll chat about paid promotion. In coming months, I’d like to share helpful information about practical things such as tips for responding to a bad review, best practices for social media and networking, so be sure to tune in. Have a question for me? Email me at or through @mktgsmith on insta.

Just in case you missed it, here is last months article on Placing Your Product. 

Get Creative! (Exciting New Photo Booth Features)

Never Satisfied, its one of our core values and it speaks volumes to how we innovate within our company. We are always looking for ways to enhance our customer experience, and the new features on our Photo Booths are just one of the ways we are doing just that! 

Our Lead Photo Booth Gal, Sarah has been working diligently to create a more interactive and fun Photo Booth experience for you and your guests, and so she has come up with three amazing features to offer

1. ARFX – it’s like Snapchat for photo booths! Stick your tongue out and watch those cute puppy ears appear on your head! Get silly with several different features of this kind. 

2. Green screen backgrounds – Step on up in front of our green screen, and the background of your photo can become anything you want it to be – no seriously, anything! We have a series of backgrounds to choose from, or we can design a custom one for you. The possibilities are endless. 

3. Filters- now you can add colorful filters over your photos, or give them an old fashioned feel with a black and white filter. Having the ability to choose the colors of your photo on the spot is pretty awesome! 

In addition to these three brand new features, we have added to our booths, we have also begun routinely offering GIF creations! You can send these directly to your inbox on the spot and have those memories for years to come! 

Learn more about our Photo Booths today! 



THE Company Party (Learn 5 Ways to Enhance Your Gatherings!)

THE Company Party (Learn 5 Ways to Enhance Your Gatherings!)

In previous posts, we have discussed the importance of throwing an annual company party for your team, and over the past few months, we have been honing in on ways to help make those gatherings a huge success! 

We recently held THE Company Party – a preview of services brought together to showcase just how amazing your party’s can be with the right team of professionals making things happen. Our party was a hit, and yours can be too! 

We have compiled the following list of steps to ensure that your next party is one for the books! 

  1. 1. Pick your date – Before landing on a date for your party, we recommend you get feedback from your team. Give them a few options and run with the one that picks up the most steam. 

2. Pick your Venue – With hundreds of venues to choose from, making this decision can feel daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Kramer Events can help with our Find a Venue Page

3. Food – Everyone loves it, so make sure you put careful consideration into your meal choice. Let your guests know what to expect. Appetizers, full meal? They will appreciate you giving them this information so they can plan accordingly. 

4. Transportation – There is nothing more important than getting your guests safely from point A to point B. So ensure you have quality transportation lined up! 

5. Entertainment – is hugely important to the success of your corporate party. Do you want to have guests dancing, or do you think your crowd would be better suited for playing games with one another? 

We couldn’t have brought our company party together without the help of the following partners and all around rad Central Coast Vendors.

Slo Brew Rock. They transformed their space into the perfect setting for a corporate party.
Bright Event Rentals added a touch of ambiance with their comfortable and stylish lounge furniture.
Rod and Hammer’s Slo Stills  provided high quality spirits and mixed drinks.
Obsidian Luxury Services offered safe rides home for any guests who needed transportation in their luxurious vehicles. 

Our Kramer Events game show was so much fun, host Nick Malizia is one of the funniest guys we know, and kept the crowd laughing. During the second portion of the event, DJ Miles got everyone vibing with the music, and all three of our photo booths were on display with their brand new features

Check out Photos from THE Company Party here, courtesy of Nawal Kassir Photography

and be sure to follow the checklist below to ensure your next company gathering is all you wish it to be! 


Kramer Events is Hiring!

Do you enjoy having a positive impact on peoples lives? Are you interested in joining a team of individuals working towards a common goal? Do you want to help others celebrate life by simplifying their celebration?

If so, you might be a perfect fit for our team! We are currently hiring for several key positions…APPLY FOR ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT POSITION




Team Member Spotlight

Meet Rachel our Client Coordinator,

Client Coordinator, Kramer Events, Rachel Lavender

Rachel joined us last October.  In her first week, she immediately showed her hidden talents at our Karaoke at Farmer’s Market. She crushed it!  Needless to say, she’s not shy.  Originally from New York, she now calls the central coast home.

She’s filling a new position for us, as a Client Coordinator. She is ensuring our clients and wedding couples get fast and responsive service and then hands that info over to our team in the field who will execute events.  In short, she’s the new HUB of information for all our events.  

If you are a client and have a question about your event, she’s your girl.  If you are a fellow vendor or venue and you’re wanting to communicate about an event detail, she’s your girl.  And if you are going to a Karaoke bar and need some backup, she’s your girl.

We are stoked to have her on board.  Her work ethic and drive are amazing.  And her level of detail is incredible.  She’s helping take our office team to the next level.  

Thanks for keeping us organized Rachel!

Learn more about Rachel here!

Beau Kramer
Team Leader

Beau Kramer
Team Leader

2019 Central Coast Wedding Games

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

Choreographed dance moves, matching Orange knee-highs, and a desire to kick ass – the Kramer team came out in full force for the second annual Central Coast Wedding Games, and the results are hilarious!

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

We trained, we played, we lost…but that’s not what’s important. (The winning team might beg to differ).

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

Whats important is that we all came out and did our best with good humor and funny outfits, we came together and we did something to benefit our community.

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

You see, this event, which was created and made possible by some of the best in our Central Coast Wedding industry, benefits a great cause – The SLO Special Olympics. So no matter how silly we looked or how muddy we got, it was all worth it because a total of $1,500 was raised that day!

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry
Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry
Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

We are so thankful to be a part of an industry of people that truly cares about one another and the community we live in. Looking forward to next year!

Central Coast Wedding Games, Kramer Events, Central Coast Wedding Industry

Be sure to check out the tags below to see all the amazing people who made this special event possible!

Event Gallery courtesy of Heraldo Family Photo!

Venue: Green Gate Ranch | Caterers: Flora & Fauna, Broad Street Ribline, Feed my Seoul, Pacific Harvest | Sweets: Just Baked SLO, Cake Cathedral, Seabreeze Cupcakes, Autumn Cake Design, Harmony Valley Creamery | Cakes for Games: Just Baked SLO | Florals for Games: Sprigs Floral Design, Eden Floral, Brooke Edelman Floral Design | Photographer: Heraldo Family Photo | Videographers: Patrick Ibarra + Zachary Ayers | Linens: Bella Couture Linen | Tent: Got You Cover’d | DJ: Chris Bailey | MC: Dj Bob Stock | Planning Team: Anissa (Bottles + Ice), Tim Lopez (Modern Symphony), Hannah Sidaris-Green, Colleen Stefanek (Eventful Wedding Planning), Patrick Ang (Patrick Ang Photography)

Kramer Events Headquarters Meets Avenue Twelve Rentals

Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve

Keeping your workspace fresh and updated is vital to creativity. That’s why we are so excited about our new Kramer Events headquarters! Avenue Twelve has redesigned our space and the results are inspiring!

A few months back we decided that our work space was due for a decorative revamp, so the office crew got to work cleaning windows, rearranging furniture, planting flowers, and buying easily maintainable house plants (because let’s be real, it isn’t easy to keep green things alive).

Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve

We made some great headway and our space really started to come alive and become the burst of fresh air that we needed, but the finishing touch that brought it all together? Avenue Twelve, a San Luis Obispo based rental studio which specializes in unique furniture and decor for weddings, parties, and events. They have a funky vintage feel and incorporate furniture as well as specialty items that will transform your space into something magical, memorable and personal – and thats just what happened to our design session space at Kramer Events!

Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve

We are so thrilled to continue to offer our Central Coast Wedding clients the best experience possible when they come in for their design sessions in our brand new space!

Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve

A big shout out to Yvonne Goll, talented local photographer of Yvonne Goll Photography and design guru for Avenue Twelve for using her creative mind to put together the perfect setup for us!

Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve
Kramer Events, Avenue Twelve

Photography: Nawal Kassir Photography