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Real Wedding | Megan and Ross | Black Lake Golf Resort

Real Wedding | Megan and Ross | Black Lake Golf Resort

On March 31st, 2018, Ross and Megan McCracken tied the knot at the beautiful Central Coast Wedding Venue, Black Lake Golf Resort. The Kramer Events team had a blast being a part of this one of a kind wedding which brought together families from two different parts of the world. Ross’ Scottish heritage was a huge part of the couples big day, and we must say that Kilts have become one of our new favorites when it comes to wedding attire. 

Their ceremony was held in front of a small cluster of trees above the expansive greens of the Black Lake Golf Course and couldn’t have been more beautiful. Following the ceremony, the Kramer Events Photo and Video team took the couple through the golf course to a secluded pond location for their couple photos and then headed back towards the patio area where everyone enjoyed a fun-filled reception. 

Kramer Events DJs Lou Mars and Paul Escalera kept the party jumpin’, especially when they initiated the traditional Scottish dance that took place, bringing guests from both Scottish and American origin together on the dance floor. Our brand new photobooth, designed and crafted by our very own Kris Teunissen, also made its first debut at the wedding and was a total hit. 

With a hashtag of #ReleaseTheMcCracken we knew this wedding was bound to be a hit and it certainly was a day to remember! 

Congratulations Megan and Ross! 

Venue: Black Lake Golf Resort | Coordination: Black Lake Catering and Events | Catering: Black Lake Catering and Events | DJ/MC: Kramer Events | Lighting: Kramer Events | Photography: Kramer Events | Videography: Kramer Events | Photobooth: Kramer Events | Flowers: Shell Beach Floral Design | Live Musician: Piper O’ Pines | Hair and Makeup: The Queens’ Bees 



Real Engagement | Heather and Grady

Real Engagement | Heather and Grady

The Central Coast never dissapoints when it comes to romantic adventure, so it is no wonder our recent couple, Heather and Grady travelled all the way from Chicago to shoot their engagement photos with Justin Jacobs of Kramer Events Photography. Their Destination Wedding is set for September 29th, 2018 at the lovely Central Coast Wedding Venue, Cass Winery in Paso Robles. 

After sitting with Grady and Heather for literally 2 minutes, I knew this couple was the real deal; so genuine, so fun, so confident, and so much in love.  They were themselves and so comfortable together.  In every location they just had fun and it was so easy to capture them just being them, which is exactly what an engagement session is all about.  – Justin Jacobs, Photographer

We are thrilled to be a part of Heather and Grady’s story and cant wait to capture more of their love at their wedding this fall! 

Photographer: Justin Jacobs of Kramer Events Photography


Real Wedding: Bryan and Shaun – Madonna Inn

Bryan and Shaun’s Wedding – Madonna Inn

You know those people you meet whose bright personalities are completely infectious; those people who are confident in who they are and send out a permission slip for everyone around them to feel comfortable and confident in there own skin as well? Ya, those people are the best, and a special kind of magic is created when two people of this nature come together as one. Such is the case with Bryan and Shaun, a vivacious couple who gave Kramer Events the absolute pleasure of providing Coordination, DJ, Lighting, Photography, and Photo Booth services at our first, but certainly not last, LGBTQ wedding on the Central Coast!

The whole Kramer team came together on October 21st, 2017 to bring to life Bryan and Shaun’s vision for their Central Coast Wedding. Taking place at one of the gorgeous San Luis Obispo Wedding Venues, Madonna Inn, the West/Pallardy wedding was a vision of creativity, class, and fun! Handmade items by the couple mixed in with the one of a kind decor at Madonna Inn, and Kramer Events transformative lighting designs made the ceremony, dining room, and reception come together beautifully, after some team collaboration of course. And the photographs? Well, they speak for themselves!

One of the most inspirational things we witnessed at this particular wedding was the clear and undeniable love that was shared between the couple and their family and friends. Everyone was happy and thoroughly excited for Bryan and Shaun.

The Central Coast Wedding Photographers at Kramer Events are passionate about capturing the special bond between couples. Their technical proficiency and attention to detail makes for some stunning images and of course Madonna Inn provided a diverse range of backdrops to choose from, each adding a unique flair to the photographs captured.

Out of the many unique rooms in Madonna Inn, the couple chose the elegant ballroom to say their vows. It was a beautiful ceremony and the genuine happiness seen on Bryan and Shaun’s faces is priceless.

After the couple said their “I-dos” everyone moved into the wonderfully decorated garden room to enjoy drinks and a delicious meal catered by the Madonna Inn kitchen staff.

Bri Cormier, a renowned Central Coast Wedding Coordinator at Kramer Events used her eye for detail to assist our talented light tech Paul in finding the perfect uplighting color scheme which accentuated the dining room’s diverse wallpapers and textures excellently. This is just one example of how the multifaceted expertise the Kramer Events team brings to the table can “turn a crazy room into a dream room for a wedding”, as our lovely couple worded it.

We loved the couples cake choice, and that topper…YASSS! The Kramer lighting team really accentuated the details of the cake.

The couple had their first dance under glowing chandeliers enveloped with bright colored lights, which perfectly matched the joyful energy in the room.

Next, Shaun and Bryan shared dances with the most important women in their lives, their mothers, and grandmothers. It is so beautiful to see a glimpse of the bond shared between them in these images.

Formal photos are a must, but whats better than getting silly with your friends and family in front of the camera? The Kramer Classic PhotoBooth was loved by everyone, and the handmade backdrop provided by the couple added the perfect touch of personalization. Bryan and Shaun will be laughing for many years to come at their hilarious photo book keepsake with memories of all their guests having fun on their wedding night.


A reception is meant to be a grand celebration to honor the remarkable journey the couple is about to embark on together, and the Central Coast Wedding Dj’s at Kramer Events know how to create a killer finale. Bryan and Shaun described Janine’s  “positive energy and MAD ability to read a room” as having created one of the “best dance parties we have ever witnessed!”. Our own team agreed it was one of the most fun weddings of the year.

We wish Bryan and Shaun all the best in their lifelong journey together. May you two have many amazing adventures side by side!

Venue: Madonna Inn | DJ/MC: Kramer Events | Coordination: Kramer Events | Caterer: Madonna Inn | Dessert: Madonna Inn | Rentals: All About Events | Lighting: Kramer Events | Photography: Kramer Events | PhotoBooth: Kramer Events. 

Real Corporate Event – ACI Jet’s 20th Anniversary

Real Corporate Event – ACI Jet’s 20th Anniversary

The Kramer Events team has been working diligently behind the scenes to prepare for this year’s Wedding and Event season, and they kicked it off strong with the ACI Jet’s 20th Anniversary Gala.

The Kramer Lighting crew set up an amazing display, arranging multiple sets of blue and white uplights along the walls of the hanger to create a colorful effect throughout the building. Pinspot lights on the ceiling illuminated the beautiful centerpieces arranged on the dining tables, and custom projections, an airplane, and the ACI Jet’s Logo can be seen along the back wall of the hanger.

Kramer Events Coordinator, Renee Weber worked endlessly to ensure the night came together just right. The guests loved the custom airplane place cards that she handcrafted directing them to their appropriate seat on the “runway”.

Kramer Events Photography and Videography captured guests arriving to the party in front of the ACI Jet’s custom backdrop, and captured all the key moments throughout the evening.

It was inspirational for our team to hear how far ACI Jet has come in their 20 years of existence, and how much they give back to their employees and the community. 

Coordination: Kramer Events | Dj: Kramer Events | Lighting: Kramer Events | Photography: Kramer Events | Videography: Kramer Events | Catering: Flora and Fauna | Venue: ACI Jet


Floral Frenzy

Spring is fast approaching and soon we will begin to see the Central Coast blossom with color. We’re talking flowers, and Kramer Events has the inside scoop on some of the most talented floral experts in the Central Coast Wedding industry.

For more information on these featured vendors and more, check out the Kramer Events wedding resource, Central Coast Wedding Vendors.


Featured Florists: Lori Boe Floral Designs | Cambria Nursery & Florist | A Love Story Floral | Cherry Blossom Bouquets | Country Florist & Gifts | Flowers by Amy | Flowers by Kim | Jespersen Floral | Marshall Gardens | Sprigs Floral Design | Pismo Petals

Rain on your Wedding Day? Don’t Panic!

Rain on your Wedding Day? Don’t Panic!

As Winter draws to an end, many couples are busy planning their bright and beautiful Spring Wedding on the Central Coast, and there is no question as to why. With the breathtaking landscapes of San Luis Obispo County in full bloom, a Central Coast Wedding in the Spring can look like a dream. However, the necessary component for the emergence of color and life is rain, so what do you do if it comes down on your Wedding Day?

Not to worry, with insight from seasoned Central Coast Wedding Coordinators on the Kramer Events team, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that can be employed to brighten up a dreary Wedding Day.

Be Prepared

When you spend countless amounts of time and energy planning all the details of your outdoor wedding, the thought of something as unpredictable as rain being a factor can feel intimidating; but the more you prepare ahead of time by envisioning rain as a possible scenario, the more ready you will be to deal when/if it occurs. Talk with your chosen venue ahead of time. Figure out what they can offer for indoor alternatives if the rain is relentlessly approaching the time of the Ceremony. Renee Webber, an experienced Central Coast Wedding Planner says, “I have done weddings where the reception tables were rearranged to create an ‘aisle’ when the ceremony had to be moved indoors last minute” – sometimes a little creative ingenuity is needed.  Similarly, talk with your chosen vendors about your concerns regarding the rain, making them aware of the possibility will get them thinking about problem-solving solutions as well. Make rain preparation a part of the detail planning process. Purchase clear umbrellas and colorful rain boots for yourself and your wedding party. Coordinate the rain gear with the overall colors and theme of your wedding so you don’t feel disappointed if you have to break them out. Most importantly, have a support system. Having a skilled wedding coordinator at your side can alleviate a lot of wedding day stress when it comes to rain. They have been there before and know how to deal. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, be sure to delegate the responsibility of making the final call to someone trusted so things get handled and you can continue enjoying your special day.

Don’t Panic

In the days and weeks leading up to your wedding day, following the weather can be a daunting task. Try not to panic, often times rain on the forecast means little more than a few intermittent sprinkles. Have your “Plan B” and time frame for making the switch to indoors handy, but don’t change everything right away just because the skies are grey. A lot can be done on your wedding day to work around the rain when it is coming down. For group photos and portraits, you can utilize well lit indoor settings, entryways, and large covered patios to capture gorgeous natural light images. Keep cakes and other decor indoors until the last minute so they remain dry and put together. Remember that perspective is key. Sometimes things happen that are completely out of our control, but we have full authority over the way we react to stressful situations. The calmer everyone can remain, the more likely they are to continue thinking resourcefully. Avoid the snowballing effect negativity can produce.

Embrace it 

Ok, so say it happens, it rains on your wedding day. Is this ideal? No. Is it the worst thing that could happen? Definitely not! Try to let go of your need to have everything just as you envisioned it and embrace the day for what it is. Throw on those sparkly rain boots you picked out, grab a clear umbrella and go make some unforgettable memories with the ones you love! Who knows, maybe you will get a break in the rain and get some amazing once in a lifetime photos out of the situation. San Luis Obispo Wedding Coordinator Liz Holman from Kramer Events relayed a story in which rain happened and the outcome was very positive thanks to the couple and wedding party’s ability to enjoy themselves despite the change in circumstances.

“I was once a part of a wedding where it unexpectedly rained. Everyone was so tense until the Bride, Groom, and Wedding Party fully embraced this “disaster” and had fun with it. Once the guests saw how much fun they were having, they bought in too. The pictures were incredible – you could tell how much fun everyone was having. It was definitely one of the most memorable weddings I have seen”

Life is unpredictable and planning a wedding gets no exemption from that. The very best thing you can do is have a great team of people surrounding you so you feel confident to handle whatever storm gets thrown at you.


Featured Venues: Santa Margarita Ranch, Madonna Inn, Bianchi Winery | Featured Vendors: Lori Boe Floral Designs | Photography: Kramer Events 

Team Member Spotlight

Amy Hinrichs

Meet Amy Hinrichs, one of our 2 event consultants here at Kramer.

Most people know Melissa (co-owner and other event consultant), but not everybody’s had the chance to meet her main counterpart… Amy Hinrichs.

From left to right: Beau Kramer, Melissa Kramer, Amy Hinrichs, Vanessa Robbins

Joining us a little over 2 years ago, she’s now a huge part of our office team. When you call the office, Amy’s one of the main people you’ll talk to. And she’s awesome at helping you plan an event and explain all of our Kramer services.

Recently back from Maternity leave, she’s energizing the office once again with her upbeat and fun personality. With her husband and now 2 kids, she calls the central coast home. We’re glad she also calls Kramer Events her home. We are lucky to have her spirit, attitude, and her dance moves onboard the team.

Thanks for being awesome Amy,

Beau Kramer
Team Leader

Real Wedding: Ashley and Matt • Cass Winery

Ashley & Matt’s Wedding – Cass Winery

On November 11th, 2017, amongst the rolling hills of colorfully adorned vineyards, Ashley and Matt tied the knot under a grand oak tree at one of the most romantic Central Coast Wedding Venues, Cass Winery in Paso Robles. By the looks of their classically beautiful wedding, you would never guess that these two are rockers at heart.

The Kramer Events team was thrilled to be a part of their big day – providing Dj services, decorative lighting design, photobooth fun, and the photographs that were taken by Justin Jacobs of Kramer Events Photography are a stunning representation of wine country in the fall, and perfectly capture the love this unique couple has for one another.

Congratulations Ashley and Matt Reynolds! We wish you all the best on your lifelong journey together.

Venue: Cass Winery | DJ/MC: Kramer Events | Catering: Cass Winery | Photography: Kramer Events | Dessert: Cassie’s Custom Cakes | Rentals: All About Events | Flowers: Lori Boe Floral Design | Hair/Makeup: Ariel Lizarraga | Tux Rentals: Men’s Ware House | Lighting: Kramer Events | Photobooth: Kramer Events

“I liked it, so I put a Ring on it!”

I liked it, so I put a Ring on it!

The Wedding Ring is a token of love that dates back to ancient times. It is a gift of commitment – a symbol of a connection that is unconditional and infitinte.

The size, shape, and material of the ring are less important than the overal symbolism the ring embodies. A Wedding Ring is a promise; a promise to love, cherish, and honor your partner for as long as the two of you remain together.

Over the years, Kramer Events Photography has enjoyed capturing the beauty of each couple’s Wedding Rings. Often times, the setting of the rings speaks to the couple’s unique personalities and love story.

So, if you have that special someone in your life, dont hesitate.

If you like it, PUT A RING ON IT!

Photography: Kramer Events

Real Wedding: Emily and Carlos – CaliPaso Winery

Emily & Carlos’s Wedding • CaliPaso Winery

Imagine having your wedding secluded at a private winery and villa with a picturesque French inspired terrace, romantic fountains, winding staircases, and luxurious rooms overlooking 50+ acres of Paso Robles wine country – is this a dream? No, its CaliPaso Winery and Villa! A fabulous Central Coast Wedding Venue that Emily and Carlos chose as their wedding destination.

Emily and Carlos met while she was working for the baseball team he played for, but their fate was sealed when they randomly bumped into one another on New Years Eve in Tahoe and shared a life-changing NYE kiss.

The Hernandez wedding was classically glamorous, with a gorgeous color scheme of Gold, Ivory, and Blush and had unique components, like Emily and Carlos’ beloved French Bulldogs, in the cutest little doggy tuxedos, being escorted down the aisle during their ceremony.

The Kramer Events team had the pleasure of providing Dj, Coordination, Photography, Videography, Lighting, and Photobooth services to complete this couple’s special day, alongside the CaliPaso in-house catering staff and some other great local vendors.


Venue: CaliPaso Winery & VillaDJ/MC: Kramer Events | Coordinator: Kramer Events | Photographer: Kramer Events | Caterer: CaliPaso Winery | Dessert: Christine’s Custom Cakes | Florist: April Flowers | Videographer: Kramer EventsLighting Design: Kramer Events | Photo Booth: Kramer Events