October 14, 2014 Kramer Events

A Sparkling Send-Off

 Are you looking to make a statement out of your Grand Exit?

Check out the super-trendy Sparkler Send-Off!



The Sparkler Send-Off is great for any wedding! Add a romantic end to an intimate wedding, or go out with a bang through the hoops and hollers of those closest to you. Give each guest a sparkler (or two), light them up, and parade out of your reception area through a friend and family filled tunnel! Amongst the cheers, laughter, and smiles will be sparkling lights leading you and your loved one towards your very bright future. Bonus, the Sparkler Send-Off also makes for amazing photos you’ll be sure to treasure forever! This is a perfect way to end your special day!



  • The longer the sparkler the longer the light! The Kramer Coordination Team suggests buying sparklers in lengths of 20 inches or greater to keep your tunnel lit longer.
  • Make sure you have enough sparklers for each guest to have one or two. This will ensure that if one burns out, there is another in supply to keep all parts of the tunnel lit!
  • Don’t forget the Lighters! Disperse a few to guests along the length of the tunnel in case the sparklers burn out!
  • Keep two tubs of water on hand. One for putting the sparklers in after the send-off, and the other in case of any emergencies!
  • Make sure to ask your Central Coast Wedding Venue manager prior to the event if sparklers are allowed on the property!


For the best deals on sparklers visit WeddingDaySparklers and keep checking back for more Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration from the Kramer Team!


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