June 4, 2019 Kramer Events

5 Steps To A Worry Free Ceremony – Officiant Paul Howell

Build, Trust, Enjoy
Your wedding will be one of the most joyful and memorable moments of your lives. It’s a milestone of hopes and dreams fulfilled as well as new ones created. In its essence, your wedding is about the two of you, yet it also includes many of your loved ones who have been there all along the way. It’s a day of happiness, unity and celebration. Making your wedding day came fully alive and having an optimal experience is both an art and a science.
The Big Picture
It’s important that you realize from the start that a wedding is a very complex event requiring a tremendous amount of planning and decision making. Deciding and executing the character, the setting, the colors, the sights and sounds, the foods and a thousand other details of your wedding will be required. And when you consider that you have a deeply emotional stake in it, you’ll soon find that the process can be a daunting task. And the culmination of all of your hard work will be the day when you’ll want (and need) to be completely free to enjoy your wedding day, unencumbered with responsibility or worry.

If you want to experience your wedding day happy, carefree and fully present, you’ll need to have people in place who will be able to carry out every step without you having to do anything else except enjoy your wedding day. Building a team of trusted allies working with you and for you is your best strategy. 
Wedding professionals have lots of experience with every imaginable wedding situation. They can help draw out what you want in your wedding and make it unfold in a practical, seamless way. Choose vendors who you feel confident with, those who listen to you and want you to have a perfect experience. Then let them draw on their professional experience to give you advice, make suggestions and work with you to help them to do the best possible job for you. 
As a professional wedding officiant who has officiated over 600 weddings, I’ve stood face to face with many couples at the very moment of the culmination of long planning. The couples who have let go with confidence in their planning and their vendors are the ones who are fully present for their vows and who are fully engaged in what is happening. All of the details are left behind to be taken care of by those they trust.
I’m writing this because I’ve worked with Kramer many, many times over the last 12 years and have the utmost confidence in them each time I step up to the altar. I know the members of the Kramer team and the dedication, experience, and passion that they bring to each wedding. 
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of officiating a ceremony with Kramer’s new sound system and was quite impressed. The sound was remarkable and I knew I could devote all of my attention to the couple and their ceremony with no thought about possible microphone handling strategies. An investment like that is for the sole purpose of delivering a perfect experience for a couple’s most important moment instead of risking it to wind or poor sound. This sound system is a great example of going the extra distance to ensure the best possible wedding for a couple and their guests. It’s Kramer’s dedication to providing the best for you that has made them stand out among the rest. 
So build a team that you can have confidence in, let go with and enjoy your wedding day!


Paul Howell, Officiant
Marriage With Meaning