The TenderFork

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8550 El Camino Real

Atascadero, CA


(605) 920-1383

Style : Fresh, Local, Wine Country Cuisine

Full Service Caterer : Yes

Dietary Restrictions : Offers vegetarian menus, and is willing to work with dietary needs

The TenderFork is a brand new business by Chef Chiara Adorno! Chiara’s team creates amazing gourmet meals boxed and packaged in a Picnic Box. This is very trendy right now and allows people to enjoy a more casual, relaxed, low-key environment, particularly when they are pairing their meal with an elegant wine or champagne. The contrast makes for a pleasurable experience and allows guests to enjoy the outdoors with elegance. The TenderFork is the only business in Central Coast, which specifically tailors our service to be fun, convenient, as well as delicious. We use wooden utensils and packaging that is all disposable and self-contained. There is little or no clean up or mess, no catering supplies to bring on-site or cart away.


Photos by The TenderFork

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