SLOs Finest Catering

5340 Candelabra Pl

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

(805) 801 – 4967


Style : Fresh Market Cuisine

Years of Professional Experience : 4 years in business 12 years in food industry

Full Service Caterer : Yes, provides full wait staff for event

Dietary Restrictions : Offers vegetarian & vegan menus, and will work with all dietary needs

Rentals Available : Provides all necessary rentals

SLO’s Finest Catering was established in February in 2011 with a goal to provide its customers with a new experience, eating fresh market cuisine and using healthy alternatives to some of the preservative loaded products that are in the typical market. They specialize with taking the stress off the customers shoulder with their awesome customer service, and their great knowledge for the industry will be very useful in answering all of your culinary needs. SLO’s Finest concentrates on providing high quality cuisine using only the freshest ingredients all at an affordable price. Eating organic and free of preservatives is a start, but receiving ingredients straight from your trusted farmer is always #1. #2 lies somewhere around creating your perfect menu and exceeding expectations.

SF1 P. Chef - Salmon with Kiwi Salsa Belinda

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