Sign Sealed Delivered

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Owner: Katie Goodwin


Years of Experience: In business since 2013, but has been making signs for as long as she can remember!

Delivery: Most signs in the area are rented for pick up, but Katie will always ship purchased signs to wherever you are.

Sign Types: Katie makes signs for all sorts of events – Birthdays, weddings, bridal & baby showers, bachelorette parties, memorial services and storefront, to name a few!

The love for sign making and the idea for Sign, Sealed, Delivered came from owner, Katie’s, desire to create all of her own hand painted signage for her 2009 wedding! She hand painted wood signs for directions, guestbook details, bathroom signs, and of course a welcome sign. Word caught on that her style was beautiful and unique and she began making signs for friends and families and eventually brides everywhere! She believes all the little details matter the most on a wedding day and that most of those details can come through beautiful, hand-made signs. She typically makes her signs using old barn wood, mismatched frames, chalkboards, old windows, and vintage doors and the results are truly stunning. Sign, Sealed, Delivered is based out of Paso Robles allowing Katie to rent her signs to brides in the area. She loves how every wedding is different and at every turn there is a unique little detail that represents the bride and groom! Let Katie and Sign, Sealed, Delivered work with you to create your most amazing and perfectly custom wedding day!


Most sought after custom sign:

A handmade custom name sign that incorporates the name of the bride & groom, the wedding date, the venue, and the city. It’s a great sign to hold onto as a keepsake for the B&G’s home!





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