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Experience: “I’ve been shooting weddings since 2013, and selfies ever since I had a self.”

Photography Style: “My style is in my name: Heyday. “Heyday!” used to be an exclamation of joy and excitement. It’s about the mirth, passion, beauty, and (my personal favorite) hullabaloo. That’s my perspective on what happens at a wedding, and that’s what dictates my style. Heyday is what I try to capture and what I try to convey.”

Post Production Details: Will post photos online and deliver and print upon request.

Matt Wiens is the owner and photographer behind Heyday Photography. His passion and excitement for weddings shines brightly through every beautiful image he captures. He loves retelling the real moments as they happen and emphasizing natural portraiture – the first looks, the traditions, the small kisses – stealing away those quiet moments with the couple to capture the intimacy that everyone’s celebrating. Heyday’s style has a touch of vintage mixed with rich color, focusing on representing the authenticity of each wedding day. Matt’s reassuring and cheerful attitude, mixed with his impeccable customer service, makes Heyday Photography the perfect Central Coast Wedding Vendor for turning your big day into a lifetime of memories!







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