Tanya Craft


Meet Tanya…

I’m Tanya Craft, a full time photographer nestled in the Central Coast of California with my two little wildflowers Jackie + Caprice and my amazing partner, Jim.

My life behind the lens began before I had a drivers license. Throughout my time as a photographer, I have often been asked, what is your favorite thing to photograph? My answer has never wavered…love. It seemed only fitting that I use that to capture a couples undeniable connection and then tell that detailed story through a documentary style of photography.

How would you describe your photography approach?

During our time together, we’ll hang out, relax, laugh, explore your relationship, find out what makes you two tick and discover what makes your heart full. My goal is to capture your authentic, natural connection with all those little details, meaningful moments and all the emotions between you.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m not telling stories with my camera, you can find me growing my girls, spending as much time with my loves at the lake, staying active, drinking coffee or sipping on a great whiskey.

Final words…

Photography is a passionate part of my life – I can’t wait to connect and share that with you.