Pearce Bley

In Memory Of


Pearce Bley was an exceptional DJ and MC as well as the Operations Manager for our Kramer Team.  Most importantly, he was one of the most incredible team members we’ve ever had.  He Passed away before his time, at the age of 24, in July of 2016.  To honor the example he set for others, we created our most prestigious award, the “Pearce Bley Team Member of the Year Award”.  The recipient of this award is voted on and chosen by the Kramer Team members as the person that best exemplifies our core values (Honesty, Integrity, Positivity, Accountability, Teamwork, and Quality).
The 2017 Pearce Bley Team Member of the Year Award
The first Pearce Bley Team Member of the Year Award was awareded to Kris Teunissen, Warehouse Manager and Lead Lighting Tech.  Kris has proven to be invaluable team member and really exemplifies our core values.  His win was well deserved and he serves as a great example to inspire others, just as Pearce did.