Lou Mars

If asked why I became a DJ/MC, I would say it was my love of music and desire to entertain that initially drew me in, and experiencing how amazing it is to be a part of someone’s lifetime event is what hooked me on working in the wedding and events industry. Having the opportunity to make a positive impact on a couple or groups memory of their special day – that excites me!

So, how do I strive to make a positive impact? There are many components to making an event successful. First, it’s important to really listen to your client and get a feel for what they want. Second, you must plan around your client’s vision for their wedding or event. Third, it’s important to arrive fully prepared and ready to execute the vision you and your client have created. My events are often a huge success and I attribute this to the fact that I care about each of my clients and my many years of experience allow me to deliver exactly what they ask for. I am proud to currently be the most referred DJ at Kramer Events because it lets me know I’m doing my job well and motivates me to keep the bar high.

Speaking of keeping the bar high, working for Kramer Events has made it easy for me to focus solely on my craft and being the best performer I can be. On every event, I have a solid support team to accompany me. Whether it be managing equipment, setup, lighting, photography, etc. the whole package deal is what makes Kramer an excellent company to work for. I like my events to run like a well running oiled machine and to achieve this, good communication with all associated vendors is number one. Having many services performed by our own team takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation and if a problem does arise, you will never know about it. The show must go on and it always does and will under my watch.

There are many talented DJs on staff, but what makes me special is my ability to become an integral part of the events I’m involved in, to become integrated with the audience in participation during the event and really connect with them. It means a lot to me when I pull off the ultimate evening/event and I am out to deliver this outcome every time. My style often reflects the client that I’m working with. I like to consider myself a professional Chameleon. If the party is black tie and classy; so am I. If it needs to be a blow the roof-off-the-top-of-the-building party; I blow it up. Both you say? You got it! I am very versatile in the music I like to mix. I favor popular music, new or old, as I like to appeal to the masses. My goal is to entertain the whole audience, not just a specific genre or class.